The Best CV Writing Service 2023
The Best CV Writing Service 2023

The Best CV Writing Service 2023

When it comes to writing your CV, the pressure is certainly on. After all, hiring managers will spend a few brief seconds reviewing your carefully-crafted CV.

In many cases, they may not even check them – they may rely on automated tools found in applicant tracking systems to filter through the candidate pool.

So, how can you stand out?

CV writing is a clear skill. Knowing how to write about your experiences and your career history succinctly while still enticing a recruiter to want to get to know you is a tricky balance.

It is such a unique style of writing that, sometimes, the best applicants can fail to pass through the filters, even when they are the best person for the job.

That’s why candidates increasingly rely on CV writing services to get additional help and support from a professional CV writer.

By collaborating with a CV company in the UK, you can feel confident that your CV can help you stand out from the crowd.

But how do you find a professional CV writing service in the UK? Is it about working with a CV company at the top of your Google search, or is there something else you should be looking for?

In this article, you will learn more about what you should expect from a CV writing service and get a lowdown of some of the most popular CV writing companies in the UK.

Who Are the Best CV Writing Services in the UK?

To help you decide who the best CV writers are, here is a short overview of some of the most well-known professional CV writing companies.

  • PurpleCV
  • James Innes Group
  • The CV Centre UK
  • TopCV
  • The Fuller CV
  • Career Addict

1. Purple CV

Purple CV is a well-known CV writing service in the UK.

It offers bespoke CVs written by professional writing staff, with unlimited revisions over a 12-month timeframe. The firm pledges that no templates are ever used and it is in operation 365 days a year, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Purple CV’s professional writers are adept at writing for automated tracking systems, and it has a wide range of packages available for candidates with varying levels of experience.

£50 for early career level, £190 for niche professions, £95 for mid-career CV and £135 for the mid-career bundle. There are also packages available that include cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

Turnaround times are between two and five days – but as mentioned, your package may include revisions for up to 12 months, giving you ample time to focus on your CV.

Visit Purple CV

2. TopCV

TopCV is a global CV writing service, so it may not be the right choice if you are looking for a UK CV writing company.

However, it has a reputation for excellence, and more than 600,000 candidates around the world have relied on its expertise and CV writing skills.

To start, candidates can benefit from a free, objective review of their current CVs. This is a nice touch; it immediately feels that you can benefit from their insights, even if you decide against using their services.

TopCV offers three distinct packages: the Professional Growth package for £99, the Career Evolution package for £129, and the Executive Priority package for £219.

Different services are provided within the packages, including LinkedIn profiles and cover letters, depending on your choice.

In addition, TopCV offers a 60-day interview guarantee – if you do not achieve a job interview within this timeframe, they will rewrite your CV free of charge.

Price-wise, it is more expensive than other options, and turnaround times are typically two weeks, rather than the two-day options available from the likes of PurpleCV or The CV Centre UK.

Moreover, you only have options for up to two rounds of amends, rather than unlimited revisions.

All communication with your CV writer takes place via the secure dashboard. Telephone conversations are available but at a premium price.

Visit TopCV

3. James Innes Group

The James Innes Group offers CV writing services across 12 countries, including the UK.

Besides the professional CV writing packages, candidates can also benefit from interview coaching and LinkedIn overhauls. Unlike other firms, James Innes will also help you to complete application forms.

The firm was founded by James Innes, a well-known careers expert. With a team of expert CV writers, the James Innes group offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

James Innes still keeps a close eye on his company; for £400, you can benefit from a professionally written CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter, and a 30-minute phone call directly with James himself.

LinkedIn profiles can be overhauled for as little as £40 for those starting their careers, rising to £90 for advanced career profiles or £170 for specialist careers.

Visit James Innes Group

4. The CV Centre UK

The CV Centre UK offers CV writing packages from as little as £40.

With live chat features available, you can speak directly to your dedicated CV writer in real time, giving ample opportunity to explain what you expect from your CV. Like other packages, unlimited revisions are available, and you can also have complete control over the look and style of your CV formatting.

The CV writers are adept at writing for human recruiters as well as applicant tracking systems. The firm pledges fast turnaround times (in as little as two days), but thanks to its real-time collaboration with its CV writers, it updates its current turnaround times daily.

It believes this allows it to set expectations in line with its writers’ existing workloads. However, rapidly written CVs are available in as little as six hours if you need something immediately.

The CV Centre UK is extremely affordable – packages start from just £40 for an early career CV, rising to £170 for specialist CVs. There are also packages available for cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

Visit The CV Centre UK

5. The Fuller CV

This is a comprehensive CV writing service that comes at a premium price. The Fuller CV writing services focus on questionnaire-led or consultation-led packages that give its professional CV writers a chance to know who you are and what you do.

The firm has a team of 60 writing staff who are selected as the best CV writers in the UK. Its team spans 40 different industries and matches clients with writers that best match your experience and job role.

The Fuller CV recommends that telephone consultations with their writers are invaluable, and they proudly claim that these calls have the added bonus of providing candidates with confidence.

The turnaround time and the number of alterations differ depending on your chosen package. Prices range between £115 for a career booster (questionnaire-based) option and £699 for a headhunter consultation.

There are options available for cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, and you can also upgrade your package for a 30-minute call with a professional CV writer.

Visit The Fuller CV

6. Career Addict

Career Addict offers many different options, from CV writing services to CV reviews and downloadable bundles to help you get started with your CV.

Pricing options depend on your experience level, with packages starting from £89.95 to £259.95.

You can also purchase additional options for the more affordable packages, such as a LinkedIn profile for an additional £22.95, making it seem good value for money.

Turnaround time is typically between three and seven days, with unlimited revisions in the first 30 days.

Collaboration with the CV writers occurs via email, and Career Addict adheres to practices that align with ATS software, such as keyword distribution.

If you are unhappy with your CV after the first 30 days, you will be assigned to another writer.

Visit Career Addict

Why Would You Use a CV Writing Service in the UK?

Not everyone has a way with words. You may know your experience and believe you’re the right person for the job, but if you struggle to explain your skills in just a few bullet points, a recruiter may bypass you for the position.

Perhaps you are brilliant with technical skills but struggle with succinct communication. Or maybe you’re unsure how to sell yourself effectively.

If these scenarios sound familiar, then don’t be alarmed. It’s why there are a growing number of professional CV writing companies cropping up in the UK.

These firms employ experienced CV writers who understand how to sell your career experience in an informative yet compelling way.

Professional CV writing services know how to overcome common mistakes, format your CV and ensure that your details pass through any automated filters and capture an employer’s attention.

For a small affordable fee, you can take the stress away from your job hunt and feel confident that you’ll collaborate with a successful UK-based CV writing service to help you land your dream job.

What to Look for in a CV Writing Service

If you’ve never used a professional CV writer in the UK, you may be tempted to go with the first person you find online.

But while that may bring you some success, the reality is that there are many different facets to professional CV writing services and what may be great for one candidate may not be right for another.

As you search for a CV writing service in the UK, think carefully about what you are asking that person to do.

Your chosen writer needs to understand:

  • Who you are
  • What you do for a living
  • Your skills
  • The job role you are applying for
  • How that role fits into your wider sector

Experience in Your Industry

Your first research point should be to examine their experience in your industry.

Can you ask for verifiable proof of their expertise in your sector?

As part of your due diligence, you should ask all professional CV writing services in the UK to explain their success rate – what percentage of their clients have achieved an interview within a specific timeframe?

The Best CV Writing Service
The Best CV Writing Service

Experience of Writing for Your Level of Expertise

You also want to question your professional CV writer about their experience of writing for candidates with your same level of expertise.

For example, a junior writer who has only assisted with entry-level jobs may not have the skills or credibility to write a CV for a candidate applying for a senior management position.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure will have a factor in your decision-making.

The best CV writing companies in the UK have significant differences in pricing, and with some firms you may find that paying that little bit extra could give you greater advantages.

However, while it’s always good to bag a bargain, it’s also important to remember the adage, ‘you get what you pay for’.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be solely focused on price.

The Number of Amends Included

You also want to think about the editing process. How many rounds of amends are included within your initial fee?

Your CV writer will only be as good as the information you provide to them – so you may see your initial professionally written CV and feel that it could benefit from further details.

It’s perfectly normal to have one or two rounds of amends; even if you were writing it yourself, you would likely have several drafts of it. But you should be aware that any additional amends could lead to additional charges.

Good CV Writing Service Reviews

What are the customer reviews saying about your chosen CV writing service in the UK?

Don’t just rely on the site’s published comments; you should also look up CV writing service reviews on sites such as Trustpilot, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

Even social media platforms like Reddit or Quora could offer some valuable feedback before you part ways with your money.

Turnaround Times

You also want to consider the turnaround times. While the best CV writing services in the UK will have quick turnaround times that meet your application deadlines, they should also factor in enough time to give you the attention you deserve.

For example, if something appears in your inbox the next morning, you might question how much effort was put into your document.

Other Available Services

Finally – have a look at the different pricing structures to see what other services are available from professional CV writing services in the UK.

For example, some may offer interview training and support. Others may overhaul your LinkedIn profiles or work with you to craft an appropriate cover letter.

When Is the Time to Hire a CV Writer?

You may be questioning whether you need to hire a professional CV writing service to write your CV.

You might also wonder why you should look for a CV writer in the UK rather than a global writer.

It all comes down to a number of different factors.

If you aren’t confident in your writing skills, hiring one of the best CV writers in the UK to craft your CV could be the difference between getting noticed or not. A professional CV writer will know how to sell your story without spelling or grammatical errors.

A CV writer will also be able to articulate your strengths and know how to weave in specific keywords or terminology that will pass through applicant tracking systems.

If you’ve submitted several CVs or job applications but are failing to get an interview, it might be the right time to invest in professional help.

As you’ve seen, professionally written CVs start from as little as £40 – so it’s an affordable investment in your future.

What’s more, if you are applying for competitive job roles, having a professional CV could help you stand out from the crowd.

You may also consider using a UK CV writing service if you have taken a career break.

Many people who have taken time off for family reasons (perhaps maternity leave) or to simply have a career break are unsure how to phrase this on their CV as they reenter the job market.

A professional CV writer will take this stress away from you. They will know how to gloss over any career breaks and focus the recruiter’s attention on your skills and expertise.

What Is an ATS Resume?

Within this article, the importance of having a CV that filters through applicant tracking systems (ATS) has been discussed.

These automated filters enable recruiters to screen CVs and cover letters according to pre-set parameters. With the jobs market becoming increasingly competitive, HR teams simply do not have time to review hundreds of applications for each job role.

By using automated software, they can ensure that only the strongest candidates get through, freeing up their time to focus on the compelling candidates.

There are strengths and weaknesses to using ATS. While it does free up considerable resources, there is also a risk that highly qualified candidates may fail to make it through the filter simply because their CV does not meet the automated filters.

Therefore, it’s essential that you include keywords in your CV that replicates the terminology and expectations set out in the job description.

What to Have Ready for a CV Writing Company

If time is of the essence, there are ways that you can speed up the process for your chosen CV writing service.

To start with, as you make your initial enquiry, ensure you have a copy of your current CV. You want to share it with your CV writer so they can make an independent observation of how you are currently selling yourself.

Be prepared to think about your strengths, key achievements, core duties at your current job and previous employer. The more information you have available to share with your writer, the easier the writing process will be.

You will also need to prepare your references. Again, ensure you know who will be detailed on the document, and ask them in advance.

But most importantly, you need to set aside the time to work with your CV writing service. While many CV writers will be based in the UK, others may be found elsewhere, so you may need to factor in time differences and communication styles.

For example, those CV writing firms that offer telephone or real-time communications may find it easier to write on your behalf because they can get an instant response. On the other hand, the process may take much longer if you rely on secure dashboards or via email.

How Much Does a CV Writing Company Cost?

As we’ve seen, a CV writing company in the UK may range from £40 to £699.

There are huge variations in pricing, but this will depend on your level of seniority, the sector in which you work and the package you choose.

Are you looking for just a CV, or do you want a LinkedIn profile and interview coaching as well?

You can use freelance CV writers to help you write your career biography where the costs could be lower. Still, you may not benefit from the same customer satisfaction guarantees from large CV writing companies.

Ultimately, it’s your choice to consider what is affordable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on various factors, such as your confidence in your writing ability and your time availability.

However, a professional CV writer will know how to maximise your skillset and make you stand out from the crowd, amplifying your chances of being invited to interview

Traditionally, a CV should be no longer than two sides of A4. You want to have enough information to depict your skills accurately but in a concise manner.

Recruiters will only have mere seconds to review your information.

You don’t want to give too much information. All detail should be concise and in bullet point formation to make it easy to read.

Avoid including any misleading information or inaccuracies. You should never include salary information, which could impact your salary negotiations. You may also wish to avoid mentioning your age/race/gender to prevent any unconscious bias.

Always include a recent career history, first listed in chronological (most recent) order.

You should also list your key skills/strengths, notable achievements and relevant qualifications or training details.

There is no value in adding a photo to your CV. If you are limited to just one or two sides of A4, an image may take valuable space which could be better suited to highlighting your strengths and skills.

There is a place for references on your CV, but only when an employer requests them within the job application.

Usually, references are only checked at the end of the recruitment process, so they may not be needed during the initial stages when a recruiter reviews your CV.

CVs balance a tricky blend of needing to be packed full of information highlighting your expertise and being concise, yet also being eye-catching and memorable.

It’s why many job seekers choose to work with professional CV writing companies who know how to manage this balance.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why a job seeker may search for a professional CV writing company in the UK.

However, even if you are confident in your writing abilities and feel that you have a strong CV, you may be surprised to see how an expert CV writer could portray your skills and capabilities differently.

Sometimes, having a fresh perspective (as well as a knowledge of what recruiters want to see and how ATS software works) can help to create new ways of showcasing your experience.

Professional CV writing companies are more affordable than ever before. They are not only available for writing your CV, but also offer cover letter expertise and a chance to overhaul your LinkedIn profile consistently.

In addition, the best CV writing companies provide greater chances of success, allowing you to invest in you.

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