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How to Pass the USPS Postal Exam 475 in 2022

How to Pass the USPS Postal Exam 475 in 2022

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The USPS Postal Exam is a mandatory aptitude test that all applicants for the United States Postal Service must take to see if they are right for the job.

As the USPS is one of the largest employers in the US, many people want the chance to work for it.

The tests are a way to scale down the applicants to assess who is most suitable and can go through to the next stage of the process.

They are taken after the candidate has initially applied for the role; the applicants must be over 18 years old, have a medical and criminal record check and have a high school diploma or similar.

If these factors are all accounted for, the potential recruit will be sent an email and will need to do the test within 72 hours.

Which Job Roles Is the Postal Exam 475 For?

There are different types of tests depending on the role the candidate is applying for.

This article looks at the Postal Exam 475 or otherwise known as the 475 virtual entry assessment that is taken by any mail handler candidate, including temporary and casual positions.

The main duties for this role include sorting through the mail using the machinery and process system, handing the mail to the specific carriers and unloading the mail from the delivery trucks.

A mail handler works with different teams within the USPS, so this will be reflected in the exam.

It is important to note, though, the 475 virtual entry assessment measures aptitude, cognitive abilities and personality to see if the person will match the role. It does not look at intelligence.

A person may be forgiven for thinking they do not need to revise, but it is important to do USPS practice tests to know what to expect and prepare some answers.

What Is the 475 Test Format?

The format of the Postal Exam 475 allows the individual to score a maximum of 100 points. The pass rate is a score of 70 and over, and people should aim for as many points as possible, as only the three highest scores go through to the next stage of the application process.

For anyone who does not pass the exam, they will not be able to resit it for at least 12 months.

The whole test is 45 minutes long but is split into different sections. There have commonly been four sections, but two more have recently been added, which may not be included in all practice tests.

There doesn't appear to be a time limit for each section, but with six areas to cover, it is recommended to split the time accurately between each one depending on how many questions are in each section.

This article provides some details on all sections, including the two new ones.

The test sections are:

  • Work Scenarios
  • Tell Us Your Story
  • Describe Your Approach
  • Check For Errors

Work Scenarios

These are 18 questions that look at how the individual would approach certain situations at work.

The questions are all fictional but plausible scenarios in the role of a mail handler, and the candidate has to answer them.

This will give the USPS the opportunity to measure the candidate's ethics and ethos and how well they understand the company.

Tell Us Your Story

This part is 40 questions that are set out in a questionnaire style, so each one shouldn't take too long. The point of this section is to find out more about the person's background and work experiences.

Describe Your Approach

There are 139 multiple choice questions in this section that will help measure the individual's approach to work situations, overall work style, teamwork and managerial habits.

Check For Errors

The three questions in this part of the test will ask the candidate to answer situations in the format that will be used in the job. It will include different data that the person has to check for inaccuracies.

The new sections are:

  • Move The Mail
  • What Drives You?

Move The Mail

The 18 questions in this section look at the candidate's ability to notice the vital details that will enable them to move and sort packages. This includes addresses, special notes, etc.

What Drives You?

There are 25 questions with two answers for each.

The idea is they measure the motivation of a person. The answers will be very different and will allow the person to choose which one motivates them the most.

Sample Questions

Work Scenarios Sample Question

Example Question

A coworker who started after you is making a number of mistakes, including entering data and sorting the mail.

Which one of these are you most likely to do?

a) Just ignore it and get on with your job
b) Immediately tell a superior
c) Try and offer help to the coworker by asking if you can help with anything, as you are ahead of your work
d) Make a note of what mistakes are happening and ask them if they would like any guidance in those areas

How to Pass the USPS Postal Exam 475 in 2022
How to Pass the USPS Postal Exam 475 in 2022

Tell Us Your Story Sample Question

Example Question

If we were to talk to your previous manager, how would they rate your attendance at work (sick days, lateness, etc.):

a) 100%
b) 90%
c) 65%
d) 50%

Describe Your Approach Sample Question

Example Question

Please read both sections and then state which one best reflects you from the choices.

1. I work better under a deadline or when there is pressure to get something done.
2. I do not work well with pressure and would rather stick to a schedule at all times.

a) Mostly 1
b) Mostly 2
c) Sometimes 1, sometimes 2

Check For Errors Sample Question

Address Zip code on letter Zip code on computer
1 45762 45672
2 77889 77889
3 65431 65432
4 96358 96358
Example Question

Please state which addresses have mismatched zip codes.

Move the Mail Sample Question

Example Question

On the front of the envelope:

Mrs J Syme
42 Columbus Avenue
Denver, Colorado

On the back:

If undelivered, please deliver to number 45 and leave it on the porch.

When this letter is delivered, the addressee is not in, and neither is the person at number 45. Your colleague calls you to ask what to do. What do you instruct them to do?

a) Bring back to the depot
b) Leave behind the bins at number 45
c) Leave in the porch at number 45
d) Leave with the neighbour at number 43

What Drives You? Sample Question

Example Question

Please pick which one of these statements suits you best:

a) I strive when I am working on my own
b) I love working within a team environment.

How to Pass the USPS 475

The top three scores over 70 will go through to the next stage of the process, so it is highly recommended to prepare for the 475 test.

Though it may seem like there is no way to prepare for the sections measuring personality, there is, as the test is only 45 minutes long. So you need to know what sort of questions are going to come up so that you can save time in the test.

Tips to Help You Pass

  • Use practice past papers and exams – The USPS practice papers are available online and can be a great way to test yourself, as well as get a feel of the time constraints.

  • Practice spotting errors – In addition to the practice section on the papers, try and spot typos and errors in everyday life. Get people to test you too.

  • Be honest – In sections where your personality is measured, it is important to be as honest as possible and not write just what you think you should. If you are to get the role, any mistruths will soon be discovered.

  • Learn about USPS – Read online about the company, its ethos, what previous and current employees say and the history of the business. It will help you understand why some of the questions are being asked.

  • Study your resume – Some parts of the exam will cross-reference with your resume, including dates, exam results and duties in each role.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions related to the 475 exam. Here are some of the most popular ones:

The 475 exam is also known as Virtual Assessment MH 475 and the USPS 475 exam.

The 475 Postal Exam is 45 minutes long and has six sections with 243 questions. It is advised to practice the different sections to give yourself enough time for the exam.

There are a total of 243 questions in the 475 postal virtual assessment test.

These are split over six sections, and many are multiple-choice questions.

The passing score for the 475 Postal Exam is 70, with a maximum of 100 points.

If the exam is not completed in the allotted time, it can not be retaken for at least 12 months.

Final Thoughts

The USPS Postal Exam 475 is a cognitive test, but still requires preparation, as it is a very popular test, and only the three highest scores make it to the next round.

This doesn't need to be overwhelming, though the applicant can practice online and prepare to give themself the best chance of being in the top three.

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